Lead mindfully. With clarity for purpose, people, and priorities that matter.

Are you pulled in too many directions and under pressure to lead change on time and on budget?

Do you want to make quality decisions quickly, have your team work together well, and find sanity in your work and life?

Stop working for solutions that don’t work for you. You deserve unique support for who you are and what you do. For sustainable success that is purposeful and remarkable.

SoulCo can help Change Leaders gain clarity for results that matter:

Clear purpose to focus on the essentials of your venture.
Clear communication to bring the right people together with right information at the right time.
Clear priorities resulting from quality decisions.

All of the above leading to a clear path for forward momentum and progress.

Hadrian's Wall
Last week’s resignation of Travis Kalanick as CEO of Uber reminds us that how we achieve our goals matters as much as what we achieve. How we achieve success is as important as the innovative, profitable, or extraordinary results we get. It’s a poignant reminder of: “What we practice grows stronger.” What we do everyday … Continue...

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Charles is an excellent listener. He is respectful, patient, and incredibly smart! Working together allowed me to deepen my thinking on certain organizational management issues and formulate action plans. Charles did a great job facilitating our board retreat. The planning, preparation, and pacing of the day created a productive, fun experience for trustees.
Helen Russell, Executive DirectorApprentice Learning