SoulCo works with Change Leaders to bring clarity to purpose, people, and priorities that matter.

In leading change, clear purpose is nonnegotiable to focus on the essentials that make you and your organization remarkable. Clear communication is imperative, but not always easy to practice and master. And how do we clear a path for our teams to move forward and make progress? We must make quality decisions to set clear priorities for them to do what they do best.

As Change Leaders ourselves we get the challenge. It takes a blend of intellect and soft skills, what we call “heart smarts,” to lead successful and sustainable change. We have collectively developed our own heart smarts through decades of work and life experience in global technology companies, higher-education institutions, and corporate law practice. We believe in a vibrant workplace where everyone’s strengths and talents are leveraged toward a shared goal for the highest level of contribution.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of the website. We look forward to an opportunity for a conversation about what clarity can do for you in leading change.

More About Our Founders



Charles Starrett

Charles is a whole-systems thinker with a passion for helping Change Leaders and their teams be at their best and do what they love to make a difference that is meaningful to them. Through his early training as a musician and anthropologist, he honed keen listening, observation, and analytical skills to reveal the practical reality beneath surface appearances. Bringing these skills to the workplace, he discovered their value in uncovering the hidden dynamics that affect workplace realities: the invisible forces of conversations, relationships, and culture that can make or break any human endeavor.

Throughout his life, Charles has also immersed himself in the world of cross-cultural collaboration with all its challenges and potential. He enjoys working with Change Leaders in global workplaces because of the breakthrough innovations they can ignite by sparking diverse perspectives and blending the best of many worlds.

What makes Charles come alive at work? Helping Change Leaders connect the foundational building blocks—purpose, people, and priorities—so they can enjoy sustainable success.



Jung Starrett

Jung is a strategist who thrives on making clients’ visions come alive. For over 20 years, she enjoyed working with Change Leaders in the cross-current of law, technology, and business as legal counsel to executives in startups and global corporations. Solving complex legal problems and tackling tough business challenges shaped her to become a forward-thinking strategist and lifelong learner.

During this time, she learned that strategy, culture, and people are intricately connected, and that leaders can affect the lives of so many people from conference tables at work to dinner tables at home. Pulled by an irresistible calling, Jung chose to leave law practice in 2011 to work with Change Leaders on leading and managing teams, and has led teams as a Change Leader herself with all the challenges and rewards that leadership brings.

What makes Jung come alive at work? Helping Change Leaders gain clarity that illuminates a path in the messy, murky, and muddled middle, so they can move forward with courage and confidence.