Who’s doing the work?
People. Not Human “Resource” or Human “Capital” but Human “Source.”
Human “Beings,” not just human doings.
You, me, and us. All of us.

Photo of labyrinth on Isle of Skye by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash
Uncertainty is unavoidable in our work — a significant part of our lives. Priorities and choices pull us in many different directions. So, we often forget and neglect our wellbeing: Foundation of Life — Well of Being — The Source. The Source of our imagination, innovation, intuition, and inner knowing. The Source of what makes … Continue reading "Who are you? What is your work?"

Our thoughts, words, and actions are powerful, and have an enormous impact on our work and life, yet we rarely see, hear, or feel them clearly. Most of the time our scattered attention runs free—we don’t pause to focus and reflect on what’s going on within or around us in the moment. Harvard research shows … Continue reading "Learning Lab: From Mindless Reaction to Skillful Response"