SoulCo is here to be the trusted guide and strategic partner you want when leading change.

We custom-fit our work to your needs because one size doesn’t fit all.
We cultivate relational partnerships with trust and respect.
And most of all: We’ve got your back!

For starters, here are a few ways we can work together:

Executive Advising

You are the expert at what you do best. But as they say, you can’t read the label of the jar you’re in. SoulCo brings out-of-the-jar perspective and insight to help you discover solutions you hadn’t considered or noticed before.

We help you gain clarity by making the invisible visible. How clear is the purpose driving the change? Who are you serving to make them more valuable? Who are the right people for the right jobs in your organization? What priorities are essential for success? What narratives are you weaving as the Chief Storyteller in leading change? Asking the right questions often leads to the right solutions.

We co-create solutions that are tailored for you and your organizations. These solutions are just the beginning. Implementation is the next level of  hard work. Shaking up the status quo and shifting priorities are often par for the course. We work with you as you face tough choices, increasing your clarity and confidence in your decisions to maximize the return on your investment.

Leadership Scaffolding

You need both capacity and capability to bring your vision into reality. But you may not have them in your team right now to lead the change you want at the speed demanded by your customers, investors, funders, or board. The change won’t wait.

SoulCo can serve as interim senior advisors to support you as you build your leadership team, or as you search for the right people to complete your leadership circle. We can also help build capacity and capability within your organization by working with your Rising Leaders.

Strategic Planning

It’s said that the only constant in the universe is change. SoulCo can facilitate a strategic planning process with the key stakeholders in your venture to help you stay on purpose as the world changes around you.

With SoulCo as your strategic partner, you will have the clarity to stay close to the purpose that got you started. You will find and grow the right people to work alongside you to tackle the priorities that matter. These fundamentals of purpose, people and priorities are the core of strategy, and the foundation for the health and success of your venture. 

If you’re looking for trusted partners and advisors who understand the challenges of change leadership, we’d welcome a conversation about how SoulCo can help you gain clarity for sustainable success.