A leadership strategy and program must fill your specific needs to build the right leadership capacity and capability. What skills do your Rising Leaders need to deliver on your goals and priorities? What opportunities will grow your Rising Leaders to amplify your organization’s future success?

SoulCo can help you shape your Rising Leaders to make your vision a reality.

SoulCo Leadership Academy

Too many leaders fail, not from lack of potential, but from lack of quality preparation. Woefully, most training programs are too rote or too theoretical, pushing a philosophy instead of leaving room for the inquiry and exploration that are essential for growing leadership capacity and capability.

The SoulCo Leadership Academy is a practical leadership coaching and peer support program. Participants meet monthly to cover all aspects of leadership, but as with everything SoulCo, this is not a generic training program. There is no sitting back at this Academy. Participants bring their real work situations and challenges to the sessions to apply the learning immediately. The sessions move quickly, are highly interactive and responsive, and generate results that make a significant and measurable difference in your workplace.

Individual Coaching

Leadership is more art than science. It needs soft skills as much as hard skills. There’s a lot to learn quickly and correctly, but books and programs only go so far. There’s a big difference between knowing and doing. Most of all, each person comes to leadership with a unique portfolio of strengths different from any other. Leadership is an ongoing practice toward mastery rather than a one-off skill that can be learned at a workshop.

As leadership coaches, we at SoulCo see each person for the individual they are. Working one-on-one, we guide them to overcome the specific leadership challenges they face by building on their strengths. In the process, they achieve new levels of capability and performance, making a significant and measurable difference in your organization.

Cultural Intelligence

Today’s global workplace and market create unique challenges for communication and collaboration. Even when language barriers are not a problem, cultural differences can lead to unintentional misunderstandings leading to a waste of precious time, money, and energy. This may show up in multiple ways, including low team performance, interpersonal friction, or missed opportunities with strategic partners.

SoulCo will design a custom program for your rising leaders to learn how to work across cultures effectively within your organization, and with customers and key partners. The improved communication and collaboration foster engaged employees, higher-performing teams, satisfied customers, and effective partnerships.

If you want to learn more about how SoulCo can help you grow your Rising Leaders, let’s have a conversation. We’d be thrilled to work together on this critical mission.