Sometimes change happens to us before we reach our current destination. Internal shifts or external pressures can start us looking around for fulfillment and meaning. If we don’t respond to this call, it will distract and disturb us until we’re depleted of the energy and enthusiasm to lead.

You may also get an opportunity to lead change in a new role. This brings additional challenges that aren’t unlike flying the airplane while fixing it. Whether with the same employer, a different employer, or even a different industry, you’re expected to get up to speed quickly while stakeholders watch for you to take off and turn things around with urgency.

When change happens from inside or outside, a transitioning Change Leader is called to redirect or repurpose their talents and experiences to chart a new course with renewed commitment, balance, and momentum.

SoulCo is here to help you gain clarity and lead yourself through this change.

What’s Next

What’s pulling you toward vitality? What new beginning excites you? What can you see yourself doing with joy and enthusiasm? What makes you come alive at work? Are you ready for a new challenge, but you’re not clear on what that challenge is? Knowing what, when, and how to make a change in your career can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

SoulCo partners with you to get clear on what’s next for you. Our discovery process will help you identify your purpose and priorities to move your story forward. This clarity will give you the direction you’ve been looking for to reorient yourself. We then create a concrete plan for you to move toward your new direction and make your new work come alive. And when you lead yourself to the frontier of your next, greatest work, you also lead those in your life who matter most to you.

What Now

Beginning a new career, job, or role is exciting and there’s a lot of change to navigate. Everyone is looking at you to see if they can trust you as a leader. You’re under pressure to prove yourself to those above, beside, and below you, and you don’t know who to trust. You may not have the same strength of relationships to rely on as you did in your previous position to help you get your job done. There are new people and a new culture to get to know. All of this while leading the change you’ve been hired to achieve.

SoulCo has your back. We are your trusted partner and guide to help you navigate new terrain. During the first 90 days and beyond, we can work together in critical areas of change leadership to help you: get grounded, develop a strategy, communicate powerfully, strengthen your power base (including your relationship with your new manager), engage and mobilize employees, foster collaboration inside and outside your new organization, and successfully influence others.

Stop struggling and start living at work. Let’s have a conversation about how SoulCo can help you gain clarity and lead yourself through a change that matters to you.